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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental Prices

If you have made up your mind that you want to visit Cabo San Lucas, you must look for accommodation. As you explore different types of vacation rentals and the amenities they offer, you should also evaluate the rates. An in-depth understanding of Cabo San Lucas vacation rental prices allows you to formulate a workable budget. It also allows you to avoid surprises once you land in this beautiful resort city. 

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Vacation Rental in Cabo San Lucas?

A vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas ranges from $80 to $1000 per night. The former highlights an average figure of affordable vacation rentals such as condos. The latter refers to high-end villas with exclusive amenities and facilities. The average price of a good vacation rental with essential amenities and some added features, such as a pool and ocean view, is around $700 per night. 

Before looking for a vacation rental in Cabo, it’s vital to have the above figures in mind. Please note that these rates are not fixed and may vary depending on several factors.

Factors that Affect Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental Prices


The time you plan to visit Cabo San Lucas heavily dictates how much you will pay. Peak season in Cabo often kicks off in November and runs all the way to April. You can expect a 23% rise in vacation rental prices during this period. However, if you visit Cabo from May to August, you will notice a decrease in up to 50% of vacation rental prices. 

Apart from the peak and off-peak seasons, events are another factor determining the price of a vacation rental in Cabo. Cabo San Lucas hosts various events throughout the year, such as the International Film Festival, Whale Watching Season, the Billfish Tournament, and the Open Of Surf competition. In case your traveling dates coincide with these events, you should expect a rise in prices. 


Like other resort cities, certain parts of Cabo are associated with wealth and luxury. If your vacation rental is located in such an area, you can expect the prices to be higher. For instance, if you find a rental in Pedregal Hills, there is a good chance that the cost will be more than $1000 per night. 

However, the costs will be way less if you find a Condo around Downtown. The reason the location affects the price is because of the environment. A luxury villa in Pedregal will be more tranquil, and the guests can wake up to views of the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, a vacation rental downtown will most likely be crowded and noisy.


This is pretty straightforward. In Cabo, you get exactly what you pay for. If you go with the budget-friendly options, you will forego many amenities. However, if you book a luxury villa, you will enjoy amenities such as prime locations, ocean views for beach houses, high-speed internet, private swimming pools and beaches, fully furnished villas, and plenty of things that will make your stay more luxurious. 

Type of Vacation Rental

The type of vacation rental you settle for in Cabo San Lucas will also determine the nightly rate. Here is an average rate of how much you can pay depending on the vacation rental. 

Type of Vacation Rental Average Cost Per Night
$72 - $180
$54 - $110
$85 - $220
$600 - $1500
$95 - $475 (per person)

A villa costs more than other vacation rentals because it has more amenities and features. In a villa, you don’t only get to stay together as a family or group of friends. You also have access to private pools, spas, and beaches. There are also tons of luxury features that you won’t get in hotels and resorts. 

Additional Concierge Services

Most vacation rentals come with extra packages or add-ons. For instance, your villa may come with a private chef or transportation. These additional concierge services are also added to the nightly rate. To enjoy royal treatment during your stay, you should evaluate which concierge services are worth adding to your package.

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