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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental Options

Are you planning the perfect escape to Cabo San Lucas? One of the most important decisions you will have to make is choosing the best accommodation that suits your individual needs.

To help you narrow down your options, here is a breakdown of the different vacation rental options in Cabo San Lucas. We will review the common types of vacation rentals, what to expect from each facility, and wrap up by mentioning who is best suited for each type of vacation rental.

1. Hotels

Hotels in cabo san lucas

When looking for a place to stay in Cabo San Lucas, a hotel is one of the things that will first come to mind. Hotels are popular because they offer plenty of essential needs such as a bed, a restaurant, a bar, a gym, a spa, a swimming pool, and even board rooms which are ideal for those visiting Cabo on work-related vacations. 


  • Cabo San Lucas is home to many hotels with different ratings. As you may have guessed, four- and five-star hostels often offer more luxury than their counterparts. 
  • You can also expect high-quality and diverse menus from lots of facilities.


  • No matter how luxurious they may seem, hotel rooms usually don’t offer you much space. Some visitors can find the small rooms a bit confining and suffocating. 
  • Also, hotels are only ideal for solo travelers. If you are coming to Cabo San Lucas as a family or group of friends, you will find other vacation rental options on this list more enjoyable.

2. Hostel

Hostels in cabo san lucas

Hostels are an affordable vacation rental option in Cabo San Lucas. But they usually lack the luxury aspect. A hostel is a shared accommodation that resembles a dorm. Those of you who were in boarding schools may be more familiar with this type of accommodation. 

In a hostel, you will find many rooms that two or more people share. They are super cheap and are a great option for backpackers. You will love Cabo San Lucas’s hostels if you enjoy connecting with other visitors. 

Majority of the hostels in Cabo are often booked by the younger generation. Please note that there is no age limit for booking a hostel.


  • They are quite affordable. 
  • There are plenty of hostels in Cabo San Lucas. 
  • Hostels create room for interaction with other visitors.


  • Hostels don’t offer much privacy. 
  • You shouldn’t expect to find plenty of luxury amenities.

3. Condos

Condos in Cabo San Lucas

If you prefer more room and privacy, renting a vacation condo in Cabo is an upgrade from hotels and hostels. Condos fall under self-catered vacation rentals. These options provide you with your own space, and you can cook for yourself. A perfect condo in Cabo San Lucas comes equipped with furnishing and different facilities. 

Vacation condos can be rented by a group of friends or family, or you can rent one by yourself. Similar to the condos back home, the ones in Cabo can be in an apartment or flat. Other units could either be rented by other tourists or belong to individual owners.


  • The best part about renting a condo for your Cabo San Lucas vacation is that it allows all of you to stay together. As a result, no one misses out on the fun as it would have been if you were staying in hotels or hostels. You can hang out in the living room or have drinks by the balcony as a group. 
  • You can also come to Cabo with your pet if you book a condo.


  • The rates are a bit higher compared to hostels. 
  • Condos are mostly located in the laid-back suburbs of Cabo San Lucas. Such locations may not be ideal if you prefer the wild nightlife in downtown Los Cabos.

4. Resorts

Considering Cabo San Lucas is a resort city, you shouldn’t be surprised that there are many resorts alongside its coastline. Renting a resort in Cabo allows you to have almost everything at your fingertips, from excursions to amenities. 


  • Regarding offering holiday accommodations, resorts offer you an all-inclusive service. 
  • You get a large pool located a few meters from your room. If you are lucky, you may also book a resort with a beachfront. 
  • All meals from breakfast to dinner are made available. 
  • Many resorts in Cabo also offer fun activities for kids. If you are traveling with family, everyone will have a good time.


  • The biggest drawback with most resorts is that they mostly customize their packages to ensure visitors spend most of their time within their facilities. Cabo has a lot for you to see and do, and booking a vacation rental in a resort may get in the way of that. This is something you ought to keep in mind. If you love resorts, you can book on a half-board basis so that you can have time to see what Cabo San Lucas has to offer. 
  • Resorts need to be reserved early in advance.

5. Luxury Villa

Luxury Villas in Cabo San Lucas

The last vacation rental option in Cabo San Lucas is a luxury villa. These are undeniably the best option when looking for accommodation in Cabo. 

A luxury villa offers you the privacy, facilities, freedom, and luxury you can’t get from hotels, hostels, and resorts. Luxury villas boast of many amenities ranging from swimming pools, spas, full kitchens, and air conditioning.


  • Luxury villas offer beautiful sceneries and exclusive concierge services. 
  • When you rent a villa in Cabo, you can choose to self-cater or hire a private chef. 
  • Similar to a condo, you get to spend quality time together. Only that a villa offers more room, space, and elegance. If you want to spend a memorable vacation in Cabo San Lucas, villas should be your top vacation rental choice.


  • Luxury villas are always in high demand. Therefore, you should make early reservations. 

What’s the Best Vacation Rental Option in Cabo San Lucas?

When you go through the pros and cons of all the above vacation rental options, luxury villas are the best choice. Not only do they offer the best amenities and concierge services, but luxury villas are also spacious and equipped with elegant furnishing. Most villas are located in posh estates. That means you will get to enjoy all the best Cabo has to offer. 

Choose the Best Vacation Rental Option with RCSL

Rent Cabo San Lucas is here to offer you the best vacation rental options in the city. We specialize in renting luxury villas located in prime areas with exclusive amenities and unforgettable views. Check out our featured vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas, and feel free to make a reservation. 

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