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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental Activities

As you look for the perfect vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas, it’s a good idea to also come up with a list of activities you would like to engage in. This beautiful resort city is packed with so many activities that it would take you months to try out all of them. To help narrow down your choices, we have compiled a list of exciting activities you should explore when you visit Cabo San Lucas. 

This list will be divided into things to do and nearby attractions. 

Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas


Being a beach town, you can expect a lot of water-related activities. However, out of all the things you can do in Cabo waters, nothing beats snorkeling. The clear waters here are home to a wide range of marine life. From colorful fish to rocky reef formations, you can be assured of having an excellent time exploring Cabo’s marine life. There are plenty of snorkeling spots in Cabo San Lucas. Good examples include Santa Maria and Chileno Bay. If you choose to stay in our luxury vacation rentals, our concierge can help you pick the best snorkeling hotspots. 

Whale Watching

Were you even in Cabo if you don’t go whale watching? From December to April, whales migrate to Cabo San Lucas from the arctic in such for warmer waters and mating buddies. The humpback whale is the most popular type of whale you can spot in Cabo. Watching whales is a unique experience and a memory you will never forget. 

Go for a Swim at Medano Beach

Swimming in your luxury villa or condo is fun. But so is going for a swim on a beach. Medano is the most popular beach in Cabo San Lucas. The waters are so calm and ideal for swimming. Besides swimming, Medano Beach is packed with many activities, such as parasailing and jet skiing. 

Take a Hike on the Pedregal

The Pedregal isn’t just a luxurious gated community. This hill is the perfect place for a hike. You will enjoy stunning views of Cabo San Lucas as you climb to the top. If you plan on hiking on the Pedregal, please do so in the morning, as it can get pretty hot. 

Explore the Mexican Cuisine

Even though vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas come with private chefs, you shouldn’t leave without exploring the Mexican cuisine. Seafood tacos are a popular choice for many tourists. There are so many food joints located in Downtown. Plus, they are super affordable. 

Zipline Along Cabo's Desert

Whenever you get tired of the beach, you can always explore the desert side of Cabo San Lucas. And the best way to do this is by going on a zipline adventure. As you are suspended 100 feet off the ground, you will enjoy a bird’s view of this beautiful resort city. Ziplining in Cabo is pretty safe, and it’s something you will never forget. The best place for a zipline adventure is in the Wild Canyon


Cabo San Lucas is a haven for golf enthusiasts. With 18 golf courses within this resort city, you can be assured of finding a course that’s both interesting and challenging. You should also know that some of these golf courses were designed by Jack Nicklaus himself. If you enjoy this sport, you should consider getting a golf package that will grant you access to all courses within Cabo and amenities such as private transportation. 

Popular Attractions in Cabo San Lucas

Land's End

As relaxing as staying in your luxury vacation rental all day is, when you are in Cabo, you need to make time to visit Land’s End. This is a magical place with jaw-dropping views. It is located in the Southern part of Baja California, and you will need to charter a yacht to get there. Apart from the unique rock formations, at Land’s End, you can also spot sea lions. You can also swim on one of the secluded beaches. The beaches here are rarely crowded, as is the case with Medano. 

Flora Farms

Are you a big fan of farm-to-table dining? Flora Farms is a must-visit attraction site in Cabo San Lucas. Located on a 25-acre farm, this attraction site has been around for years, and you can find a wide range of vegetables, flowers, and herbs. Apart from the big farm, they also have an onsite kitchen and restaurant. All meals made in this restaurant are freshly picked from the farm.

San Jose del Cabo

If you are a lover of art and happen to be visiting Cabo San Lucas from November to June, you should plan a trip to San Jose del Cabo. Here you will be able to explore different forms of art. Most of the time, the artists are usually close-by, and you can listen to their inspirational stories. San Jose del Cabo also hosts various wine-tasting events. 

El Squid Roe

This is not a museum, and neither is it a sanctuary. It’s a club in Cabo San Lucas where the party never stops. The three-storey building is full of pure fun. El Squid Roe is a popular attraction site amongst people who love to party. The dance floor is pretty wild, and there are plenty of drinks. During the day, it’s usually quiet, but the fun usually starts at 10 pm. 

The Marina

The Marina isn’t only home to luxury yachts. But there are several shopping centers located here. There are a couple of restaurants as well. Therefore, you and your loved ones can enjoy cold drinks as you watch pelicans fly from one boat to another. 

Playa del Amor

Famously known as Lover’s Beach, this is a pretty exciting attraction center in Cabo. You see, there is no road leading to Lover’s Beach, the only way to get there is via a boat ride. That means it’s not very crowded. Lovers Beach has stunning views of the ocean and Land’s End. The waters are calm, and there are a variety of sports. 

Book a Vacation Rental that's Near Your Favorite Activities

Being close to your favorite activities guarantees that your experiences will be more memorable. That’s why RCSL offers luxury villas and condos strategically located within this marvelous resort city. Check out our listings and choose a vacation rental near your favorite beach, golf course, shopping center, or entertainment hub. 

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