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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental Policies

Before booking a vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas, it’s always a good idea to go through the policies of that property. Every vacation home has its own set of guidelines you must adhere to. These policies ensure things run smoothly for both the guest and the hosts. Some luxury villas and condos in Cabo may have strict policies, whereas others may be more lenient. It all depends on the owner or managers of the vacation home. 

Whether you plan on visiting Cabo for a few days or several weeks, here are some standard vacation rental policies you need to familiarize yourself with.

What are Vacation Rental Policies?

Before we get to the list of policies, let us explain briefly what this term refers to. Vacation rental policies are rules set by the owner of the property for guests who are interested in staying. These rules clearly outline how the host expects you to conduct yourself and your family/friends. These policies also explain what you can and can’t do. 

Why Do Vacation Rental Policies Exist?

Vacation rental policies exist to safeguard the interests of both the guest and the host. Like any other business, renting vacation homes in Cabo San Lucas is a professional industry that needs to be guided by rules. These policies exist for the following reasons; 

  • They make it easier for owners to manage the property. Without rules, most vacation homes would be chaotic, which would be bad for business. 
  • Vacation rental policies help protect the property. The furnishing and amenities you find in a vacation home are meant to last for long and be used by other guests. Most rules offer guidelines on how various properties should be taken care of. 
  • Finally, vacation rental policies exist to ensure you and the host are on the same page regarding property expectations. This is vital in ensuring you have a stress-free holiday in Cabo. 

13 Common Vacation Rental Policies in Cabo San Lucas

1. Cancelation

Cancellation is one of the most common policies for holiday homes in Cabo San Lucas. After booking a particular villa, condo, or hotel, sometimes one may decide to cancel the reservation. Different property managers have varying cancellation policies. In most of them, there is a duration where you will get a full refund if you cancel the booking. It can be from 10 to 60 days. 

If this free cancelation period has lapsed, you may not qualify for a full refund. Before paying for a vacation rental, always check the cancelation policy. If you cannot interpret what it means, you can always call the property managers for clarification. Some Cabo vacation rentals also have cancelation fees and penalties.

2. Pet Policies

If you own a pet, it can be difficult to leave them behind when visiting Cabo. Please note that not all vacation rentals allow pets within their premises. When reviewing a listing, check the terms and conditions and see if pets are allowed. 

If the rental is pet friendly, you can also inquire if there are additional charges for bringing pets. Still, on pet policies, most rentals will charge you for any damage to property caused by your furry friend. 

You may be fined without notice if you bring a pet to a property that doesn’t authorize animal entry.

3. Number of Guests

Even if you are booking a luxurious and spacious villa in Cabo San Lucas, you must adhere to the number of guests allowed within the premises. Unless it’s a hostel or hotel, vacation rentals often have a specific number of beds. No host wants guests to sleep on couches or other areas within the house. 

You need to stick to the maximum number of guests. If you are more than the required number, you should always let the host know so they can make arrangements. Bringing in additional guests without informing the host can lead to extra charges.

4. Noise and Disturbance

When people are in Cabo for vacation, things can get pretty wild and crazy after a few drinks. That’s why many rentals have a policy against noise and disturbance. This being a resort city and all, you can have a blast during the day. But from 10 pm, you are required to keep it low. 

Some vacation rentals are located in estates and communities. Therefore, you shouldn’t keep others awake all night just because you are on vacation. If your vacation rental is located around Downtown where its always noisy, the policy against disturbance may be lenient. 

Vacation rental managers also have a right to ask noisy guests to vacate the promises if they don’t heed to several warnings.

5. Check-in and Check-out

Most Cabo San Lucas vacation homes are always occupied, especially during peak season. Nearly all properties have a check-in and check-out period to ensure the smooth arrival and departure of guests. Always confirm the check-in and check-out times so that you can plan for transportation and avoid inconveniencing the owner and other guests. 

Some homes do offer a late check-out. But it’s available at an extra fee, which is charged per hour. In case something comes up, you can inquire from the property owner.

6. Damage to Property

Accidents are normal, even when you are on vacation. In case something gets damaged, it’s advisable that you contact the management as soon as possible. They can assess the damage and provide a course of action. 

You should know that vacation rental managers keep an inventory of all property within the premises. Should they discover that you damaged something and failed to inform the authorities, you may be fined.

7. Cleaning

When going through the listing of different Cabo vacation rentals, you will notice that there is a fixed cleaning fee. This fee caters to the services offered by housekeepers in ensuring the premises are clean before, during, and after your stay. Cleaning entails vacuuming and washing towels, bedding, and linen. 

In the case of villas and condos, housekeepers can clean clothing and utensils at an extra fee. Unreasonable dirtying of the house or outdoors can attract additional cleaning fees.

8. No Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in most vacation rentals because, besides being a safety hazard, it also leaves behind odors, stains, and burns. It’s a good idea to always smoke outside the property. 

You can be penalized or asked to leave the vacation rental if caught smoking. There are smoke detectors that alert property managers about smoking.

9. Left Items

The management of most vacation homes in Cabo does not assume responsibility for left or stolen items. However, should they find any lost item, it will be kept safe and can be shipped to your destination for a certain fee, including the shipping costs. 

It’s also worth mentioning that the left items policies encourage guests to make claims within a certain period. Otherwise, the item will be discarded.

10. Illegal Substances

All vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas have a strict policy against bringing and using illegal substances within the premises. If caught, this usually leads to eviction. 

11. Age Requirements

In certain parts of Cabo San Lucas, there is an age limit. Always confirm if children are allowed within that vacation rental. Guests will be asked to provide ID in residences where kids are not allowed. Those below the required age group won’t be allowed into the premises. Violations can lead to evictions. 

12. Payments

Payment for Cabo San Lucas vacation rentals should be made via the accepted forms, which include bank transfers, checks, or cash. Confirm with the property managers first if you prefer to use another form of payment. 

As for deposits, you need to inquire how much is required. It can be half or a particular percentage. You also need to figure out if the deposit is refundable.

13. Security

Even though Cabo San Lucas is safe, guests must be vigilant about their surroundings. You should treat your vacation rental like your home. Don’t leave valuables outside, and make sure that the doors and windows are locked when sleeping or leaving. The management won’t be responsible for the loss of belongings. 

Reserve a Luxury Vacation Rental with Favorable Policies

At RentCaboSanLucas, our luxury vacation rentals feature favorable policies. Our rules and regulations are designed to promote effective management of the premises while ensuring proper guidance for our guests during their stay. Be as it may, we always encourage our guests to seek clarification about any policies included on our listings. 

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