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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental FAQs (Frequent Questions and Answers)

Are you in the process of booking a vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas? Here are some of the frequently asked questions we often get from our guests.

Are there any hidden booking fees?

There are no hidden fees when you book a vacation rental with RCSL. Additional fees such as cleaning and tax are displayed upfront. Therefore, there are no hidden surprises. To identify all fees associated with a particular listing, always make sure that you go through the description. 

You may, however, expect additional charges if you have extra guests.

Do vacation rentals in Cabo have extra services?

Of course, they do! If you crave royal treatment during your vacation in Cabo San Lucas, you can hire a private chef, butler, and even a masseuse. RCSL has a wide range of concierge services dedicated to ensuring you have the perfect vacation. 

When booking your vacation rental, you can confirm whether there are additional services.

Can I check in earlier or check out later?

It all depends on the calendar of the vacation rental. We always strive to offer our guests early check-ins or late check-outs whenever possible. If not, you may be asked to pay an extra fee. In case you want to arrive earlier or leave later, confirm with our concierge as early as possible. 

Is the water in the vacation rental drinkable?

Even though the water in our rentals is thoroughly filtered and distilled, we don’t recommend drinking water straight from the tap. It’s best to buy bottled water from a grocery store. Alternatively, our team can buy some for you when shopping for your groceries. 

Is it hot indoors?

Cabo San Lucas is a tropical desert. Therefore, the temperatures can be a bit high during summer. Our vacation rentals are fitted with air conditioning. So, it’s usually not hot indoors because you can adjust the perfect temperatures. 

Do the vacation rentals in Cabo have free parking?

It depends on the vacation rental you intend to book. Many of our condos and villas have free and secure parking. If you intend to rent a car, you are assured of parking space. Always confirm in the description whether parking is available. 

Does the vacation rental concierge speak English?

Yes. Our housekeepers, private chefs, butlers, and chauffeurs are multi-lingual. Therefore, you won’t run into any communication barriers. 

Who takes care of the vacation rental when I head out?

Our vacation rentals are located in secure estates. So you don’t have to worry about insecurity. Whenever you are heading outside, make sure that you lock the doors and windows.

Can we be loud in the vacation rentals?

Most luxury villas and condos have a noise policy starting at 10 pm. Remember, these vacation rentals are located in estates with neighbors. Therefore, during the day, you can be reasonably loud. But as it gets dark, you need to tone down the noise. If you happen to be too loud past 10 pm, the security team will warn you. 

Can the managers of my vacation rental help me schedule activities and tours?

Absolutely. Besides offering you a cozy holiday home, we can help you identify and book activities such as helicopter tours, scuba diving, and fishing charters. Our team is available and ready to help you plan any excursion you would like to indulge in. 

Are bachelor/bachelorette parties allowed in vacation rentals?

Considering how fun Cabo is, it’s no surprise that it’s a top destination for bachelor and bachelorette parties. There are some homes that have a strong policy against parties. However, if you contact our lifestyle, we can recommend vacation rentals ideal for bachelor or bachelorette parties. 

What is the role of a butler in a vacation rental?

A butler can handle all your personal errands, from making cocktails to doing your laundry. They can unpack your clothes, fetch your groceries from the nearby market and handle anything else you request. If your reason for coming to Cabo is to relax, you should consider hiring a butler alongside your vacation rental. 

Can we get an extra bed?

That will depend on the vacation rental manager. In some holiday homes, you can get an extra bed for free. Or they can charge you something extra. 

Can I get a luxury villa in Cabo with a pool?

All luxury villas in Cabo have a pool. Swimming is a popular activity amongst most visitors. That’s why pools are a must-have amenity for all luxury vacation rentals. 

Can I find a vacation home with a beachfront?

Absolutely. Cabo is bordered by the ocean on both sides. Therefore, many listings have a beachfront. 

Do vacation rentals have Wi-Fi?

This has become a must-have amenity in many luxury villas. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a vacation rental with fast Wi-Fi. Always check the description. 

Are there kid-friendly vacation rentals in Cabo?

Many vacation rentals in Cabo are tailored for families. You can always confirm the age limit before booking. 

Do Cabo vacation rentals allow pets?

Some holiday homes have been designed to be pet-friendly. When looking for such a listing, always check the policies. Because bringing a dog or cat to a home that doesn’t allow pets can result in a fine. 

Still, Have Any More Questions about Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rentals?

As your leading provider of luxury vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas, we have a lifestyle team that’s always available to answer any of your questions. Feel free to contact us today. 

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