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Cooking is fun, but not when you are on vacation. If you are on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, you definitely want to spend most of your time exploring, admiring views, and engaging in thrilling adventures such as yacht charters. Rent Cabo San Lucas is well aware of that, and it’s why alongside providing you with luxury villas, we also offer private chef services in San Lucas. 

Our private chefs are carefully selected and boast years of experience in this profession. You are guaranteed fresh, well-prepared meals served on time with us. Our chefs can prepare a wide range of meals in different cuisines. They are available at all times. Therefore, they can prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also, if you are interested in brunch or snacks, all you have to do is ask. Get in touch with our Cabo concierge team. 

Cabo San Lucas Private Chef Services

Hiring a chef during your vacation in Cabo is pretty simple. Here is a quick rundown of how it works. 

Step 1

 Let us know that you want a private chef during the reservation of your luxury villa in Cabo. If you are traveling in a large group, the chef may need assistants. We will let you know when you contact us. 

Step 2

You will inform us of what you would like to eat. Our chefs are gifted at cooking meals from different cuisines. Feel free to ask for anything. If you are out of ideas, we can help you choose by providing a menu. 

Step 3

 With the help of your butler, the private chef will buy the food. When it comes to meal preparation, we are very keen on cleanliness. The food will be stored in the best conditions to ensure everything is fresh. 

Step 4

The chef will arrive at the villa and start preparing food on your arrival day. The chef will serve you cocktails and snacks when you get to the villa. Depending on the time, the chef will prepare a meal and invite you to dig in. 

Step 5

From then, the chef will be around to prepare breakfast, lunch, and supper. They will take care of the dishes and anything else related to the kitchen. Private chefs play a critical role in helping us offer you royal treatment when visiting San Lucas. You will never have to lift a finger or do the regular things you do at home. Also, if you like the meals prepared by our chefs, you can inquire about private cooking classes. RCSL will be more than willing to sharpen your cooking skills. 

How much is a private chef in Cabo?

The rates for our private chefs are available upon request. We would, however, like to clarify that our rates are pretty competitive. To expound more about the private chef rates, please note that the fees depend on several factors.

First, the number of people will determine the rates. If you are many, the chef may need an assistant. Secondly, lunch and dinner prices cost more because of how complex full course meals are to prepare. There is the option to hire a private chef for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can also hire a chef for breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner. The choice is yours.

Our rates do not include the price of food or gratuity. The fees are subject to change on special holidays. 

Choose from Local and International Menus

Unlike most chefs who can only prepare local cuisines, our private chefs are experienced in international menus. That offers you more food options. Our menus are pretty flexible. You can choose meals straight from the chef’s menus or make a special request. There is also the option to mix and match. RCSL is dedicated to ensuring your vacation in San Lucas is as effortless as possible. If you are allergic to certain meals, please let us know. Also, do the same if you are vegetarian or have any other special requests. If interested in something a bit different, you can also ask the chef to recommend a particular meal or prepare one of their favorites.

Cabo Chef Packages for All Occasions

A visit to San Lucas can be characterized by different events. It could be couples who are on a romantic getaway. Perhaps you are a family that wants to spend some quality time together. Or, you are a group of friends that are here to explore the Baja peninsula. To us, it doesn’t matter. Our private chefs can grace any occasion and prepare meals designed to better your vacation in San Lucas.

Be it a birthday party or a casual dinner. Our private chefs are available on call. Private chef packages will complement your luxury villa experience. The benefit of choosing RCSL is that we are dedicated to meeting every client’s budget and style. Also, our chefs are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. Therefore, every meal is accorded special attention. Also, the ingredients used are always fresh since they are sourced directly from farms and markets. If you appreciate fine dining, you should consider RCSL private chef services in Cabo.

Fresh and Organic Food

As skilled as our private chefs are, what matters most is the condition of the ingredients used. RCSL aims to promote healthy living. It’s why our chefs source food ingredients straight from the farm and local markets. The reason for this is to ensure the food is fresh and organic. We carefully pick the ingredients; thus, our meals are free from preservatives and chemicals.

For the many years, we have been offering private chef solutions. We have partnered with local farmers who provide fresh produce. After buying fresh products, they are stored under the right conditions to ensure they don’t go bad. If it’s seafood, our chefs will prepare freshly caught fish. We also ensure that we bring in some local and authentic Mexican ingredients to spice your meals. 

Hire A Private Chef in Cabo with RCSL

RCSL private chefs Cabo offers more than basic cooking services. Besides creating a custom menu for you and your friends or family, we also provide bartender and mixology services. If you are hosting a party, the latter services can come in very handy. Our team also bakes cakes on special occasions. This team is quite creative and can prepare fancy cake designs in various flavors. 

Bring the restaurant to your villa by hiring a private chef in Cabo. Get in touch with us today for professional and affordable private chef services. 

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