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Helicopter Tour

Many people who visit Cabo prefer swimming on one of the popular beaches or participating in a city tour. Even though there is nothing wrong with these activities, a helicopter tour is an excellent choice if you are the kind of tourist who prefers something very few people will do. 

RCSL luxury helicopter rides allow you to soak in the beauty of Cabo San Lucas from a bird’s point of view. Unlike road tours that would take forever to see the different attraction sites, a helicopter ride can take you from one corner of Cabo to another in an hour. Undeniably, this is the most exciting way for you to explore Los Cabos, its landscapes, mountains, beaches, and waters. Our helicopter adventures are perfect for all visitors, including families, couples, and friends. 

A Helicopter Ride is Perfect When You are Visiting Cabo During Peak Season

Besides being luxurious, a private helicopter ride takes you away from the crowded city excursions. It offers you an exclusive tour of this beautiful resort city with the company of your family and friends, or you can even go by yourself. 

Cabo peak season often starts from December to April. If you plan on visiting during this period, large crowds can interfere with the quality of your vacation. RCSL is, however, here to make your trip as special as possible by providing you with a private tour of Los Cabos in the comfort of a helicopter. 

If you are planning a proposal or a romantic gateway, a helicopter ride in Cabo San Lucas will be an unforgettable surprise. When booking, RSCL can even organize a romantic farm-to-table dinner afterward to celebrate. 

Explore All Cabo Has to Offer in an Hour!

On your helicopter excursion, our pilots can fly you over the coastlines as you soak in Cabo’s natural beauty. We can also take you to the iconic arch where the sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. If you look at most pictures of the arch, they are taken from a yacht. Your photographs will be unique because you will be taking them from a helicopter. 

Our tours also extend to downtown Los Cabos Marina and over the Pedregal, a posh estate with multi-million homes. We can’t emphasize enough how interesting Cabo San Lucas helicopter tours are. Our pilots usually fly the helicopters at a low height so you can have a better view of Los Cabos. This is done with adherence to safety.

Request for a Helicopter Ride in Cabo

RSCL deals only with experienced pilots and regular serviced flights. You will be glad to know that our pilots are licensed and certified. Also, every helicopter tour comes with a bilingual guide who will offer more insight into various landscapes and attraction sites. You will be provided with headsets that eliminate the helicopter’s noise, which might affect your experience. Make sure you bring a camera because there will be many sites for you to photograph. 

Are you ready for the best ride of your life? Request a quote today, so we can begin planning your Cabo helicopter tour. 

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