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Horseback Riding

Explore Cabo's Sandy Beaches and Deserts on a Horseback

Beach and desert walks are fun, but they are a bit hectic. A horse ride is a better and more exciting way for you to explore Cabo’s sandy beaches and deserts. You can comfortably take a long ride along Cabo’s beautiful coastline on a horse. You can also head to the desert, check out the dunes, and learn about the indigenous plants that grow in this part of Mexico. 

RSCL offers a wide range of private tours. However, horseback riding is one of our guests’ most popular options. The resort city of Cabo San Lucas has many sites to see. Our horseback tours allow you to explore all these sites in a more exciting and less tiring way. Horseback excursions are perfect for every family member. These excursions are provided on private beaches far away from crowded areas so that you and your family or friends can have a wonderful time. 

When you book a horseback riding tour with RCSL, you will be provided with healthy and well-trained horses. There are safety instructions that our English-speaking guides will update you on. They will then take you through beach and desert trails that resemble the ones you see in 18th-century western movies. You will frequently stop to take photos that you can use to remember this excursion. Even without a photograph, it will be hard to erase a memory of riding along the beach with the Cabo breeze touching your face. 

Private Riding Lessons are Also Available

Understandably, not everyone is a skilled rider. It’s why RSCL also offers private horse-riding lessons. If you have never been on a horse’s back before, you can learn a skill or two during your upcoming trip to Cabo. Horseback riding isn’t a difficult skill to master. In an hour or two, you will have learnt the ropes, and you can proceed on a tour along the coastline or in the desert, whichever trail suits you the best. 

Our horse-riding tours are also quite educational. Besides the fun you will have exploring desert ranges on a horse’s back, we will also teach you how to care for and interact with horses. There is no doubt that horses are interesting animals. Once you learn how to interact with them, you will find yourself visiting stables when you get back home. 

Cabo Horseback Riding Packages

Our horseback riding packages are categorized depending on your skill level. Novice riders can be taken through an introductory or refresher course if you haven’t rident in a while. From there, your guide will take you through a trail of your choice. 

For advanced riders confident in their skills, we have a set of challenging trails in the mountains and deserts, which will be perfect for a person of your abilities. If you prove you are skilled enough, the guides can let you run with the horses and enjoy a more thrilling experience. 

All riders, irrespective of their experience, will get access to a guide. Horse riding excursions often last from 40 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the trail. We will offer drinks and snacks to ensure you are hydrated. Please wear loose clothing, preferably long pants, to prevent rubbing your legs on the horse. 

The tours are held from morning to evening. If you want to check out the sunset during your horseback excursion, this option is also available. RSCL can also integrate other activities. For instance, your horseback tour can be paired up with a farm-to-dining experience. We can organize that towards the end of your excursion. The guide takes you to one of the best farm-to-fork restaurants in Los Cabos. 

Experience the Adrenaline Rush of Riding a Horse in Cabo San Lucas

The list of fun outdoor activities in Los Cabos is endless. However, horseback riding remains one of this city’s most adventurous activities. It’s exciting, thrilling and educative. You should go on a horseback tour when you visit Cabo. Make your bookings with RSCL if you want an exclusive and unforgettable experience. 

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