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Scooter Rentals

A scooter rental enables you to explore everything Cabo has to offer at your own pace. The good thing about a scooter is that you can rent one by yourself or several if you are in the company of friends and family. If you are the kind of tourist who prefers to visit each corner of this resort city, a scooter grants you that privilege. Unlike walking, you will never get tired of riding on a scooter.

Choose from Several Scooter Models

RSCL deals with some of the best scooter brands in the auto market. We have advanced models that are powerful enough to get you through any environment. Our scooter rentals are in great condition and are serviced regularly. You can confidently take them for long drives without worrying about breakdowns. Whether you want to rent a scooter for several hours to explore Los Cabos or you want one to use during your entire stay at your luxury vacation rental, RSCL has got many options for you to choose from. 

RSCL Scooter Rentals are Available 24/7

Do you want to hire a scooter for an hour or two? Or, do you prefer to have the scooter with you for an entire day? We can make any arrangement about your scooter rental. These services are not limited by time; you can rent a scooter for as long as you want.

The team at RCSL can also organize scooter excursions where you can tour the city and have a feel of a typical day in Cabo San Lucas. While you or on a scooter tour, you can get a souvenir to take back home or gifts for loved ones. Our guides will help you navigate your way. For tours on rugged terrains in the desert or canyons, we highly recommend you hire one of our powerful ATVs. 

What are the Perks of Renting a Scooter in Cabo San Lucas?

Do you still have doubts about renting a scooter when on vacation in Los Cabos? As a luxury villa rental company that has interacted with many visitors, scooters have many advantages. Here are some of the perks of hiring our scooters when on vacation;

  • Scooters offer you a lot of freedom – When exploring Cabo, there are experiences you may want to indulge in spontaneously. For instance, let’s say you get hit by a delicious aroma coming from a restaurant beside the street. Would you ask your taxi driver to stop so that you can take a bite? Probably not. But if you are on a scooter, all you have to do is park and get in. 
  • These two-wheeled cars are fun – Cruising down the roads of Los Cabos on a scooter with wind blowing your hair is a one-of-a-kind experience. Scooter rentals are even more fun when you hire them as  a big family or group of friends.  
  • A scooter offers unrivaled convenience – With a scooter, you can go anywhere at any time. Due to their small size, scooters can navigate the busy streets of Los Cabos, and finding parking will be easy. 
  • Scooters facilitate more interaction with the locals – Were you even in Mexico if you didn’t chat with the locals? The folks in Cabo are pretty friendly. You can ask for directions on a scooter and engage in small talk as you stop by shops and local eateries. A scooter rental gives you more room to learn the local culture
  • A scooter tour will ensure you go home with many memories – When you are on a bike and pass by a stunning view, all you have to do is get off, park and take out your camera. Scooters allow you to capture many beautiful memories during your Cabo vacation.

Requirements for Scooter Rentals in Los Cabos

Rent Cabo San Lucas is very keen on safety. It’s why we have certain requirements for hiring a scooter in Cabo. First, you must have a driver’s license. That shows your ability to ride a two-wheeled vehicle safely. Secondly, visitors who are intoxicated are not allowed to go for scooter excursions. Besides the above, we will provide you with safety gear which includes helmets, knee and elbow pads. You are also advised to wear comfortable clothing that won’t affect your scooter experience. 

Book a Scooter Today for an Adventurous Vacation in Cabo

Scooters are the best means of transport if you want to experience every inch of Cabo. With RSCL, we can book the best scooters for you and your family and bring them to your luxury vacation rental. All you will have to do is hop in and start making new memories. 

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