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Cabo ATV Tours

An ATV adventure through Cabo’s canyon trails, oceanside cliffs, desert ranges, and white sandy beaches is a thrilling experience. There are several ways you can explore Cabo. But none comes close to doing it when you are on an all-terrain vehicle. 

Our ATV excursions are designed to be challenging and, at the same time, entertaining. When you book a private ATV tour with RCSL, we will organize transportation from your luxury vacation rental to the check-in point. Other than promising an unforgettable experience, we will prioritize your safety. There will also be a bilingual guide near you who will always offer any needed assistance. 

The Cabo ATV Experience

Before we give you a sneak peek of the Cabo ATV experience, let us introduce the machines you will be dealing with. Our ATVs are sporty and powerful. They have been fine-tuned to conquer rugged terrains. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are on a desert tour or exploring a canyon trail. These ATVs have what it takes. 

Throughout your private Los Cabos ATV tour, you will be paired with a guide who will take you through beautiful sceneries. Our ATV excursions are not all about fun. But they are also educative. The guides will share some history about certain areas and the things that are native there. During the tour, you will be supplied with refreshments to keep you hydrated and active. More drinks will be waiting for you at the end of the ATV excursion. If you are feeling very tired after, RCSL can also book a  massage and spa treatment which can be organized at your luxury vacation rental, or we can have a chauffeur drive you to one of the best spas in Cabo San Lucas. 

How Long Do RCSL ATV Tours Last?

Here at Rent Cabo San Lucas, we believe in fulfilling the desires of our guests. These tours can last for as long as you want. However, the recommended duration is from 40 minutes to 4 hours. The duration will depend on the itinerary or route you will take. 

As you may already know, Cabo has many places to explore. From beaches to desert ranges and canyon cliffs, when booking an exclusive ATV excursion, our team will find what areas you are interested in exploring, and we will plan the ideal route for your tour. We can also spice up your ATV tour by adding camel riding and zip-lining adventures. All you have to do is let us know when making a reservation. 

In Los Cabos, It’s Always a Good Time to Go for an ATV Tour

The weather here is amazing. Therefore, there isn’t a single season when you shouldn’t go for an ATV excursion from January to December. It doesn’t matter when you are visiting. You can book a memorable ATV tour at any time of the year. 

Safety Measures

The safety of our guests is of paramount importance. Therefore, we will take certain safety measures to ensure you have a great time. First, the driving age limit is 16-year old’s and above. The guides may ask for a driver’s permit. If none is available, teens will have to get consent from their parents or guardians. Kids below 5 years old are allowed to ride on ATVs. Please note that pregnant women or guests with neck or back injuries will be prohibited from riding. This is for your safety. 

Drivers and passengers of ATVs must wear safety gear, including helmets and goggles. We will provide that for you. We always have a certified paramedic on our entourage. Guests are also advised to adhere to the instructions of the guides. You should also not deviate from the route or wander far away from the rest of the group. 

Explore Baja’s Rugged Terrain in Style

A tour of Los Cabos is best done on an all-terrain vehicle. With your face being hit by cold air as you drive alongside incredible views, this is an experience that you will treasure for decades. Occasionally, our guides will stop you to admire the desert flora and wild animals (from a safe distance, of course). During the tour, there is a stop-over where you will get to have a view of the Pacific Ocean. Don’t forget to carry your phones and cameras as these are sights that deserve to be captured. Make sure you wear a light jacket, closed shoes, and comfortable clothing. 

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