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Cabo San Lucas Vacation Rental Transportation Options

Once you have booked your vacation rental in Cabo San Lucas, the next step is to figure out how you will get around. Being a resort city, Cabo has lots of fun things to do and see. Therefore, you will often find yourself outdoors, no matter how elegant your vacation rental is. To help you plan ahead, here are some of the transportation options in Cabo San Lucas. 

Popular Transport Options in Cabo San Lucas

The Bus

Just like back home, in Cabo, you can also use public transportation to get around. The most popular means of public transport here is by bus. These buses are often available from 5 am to 11 pm. They have various stops within the city, and they are super affordable. If you are interested in connecting with the locals, the bus can be an ideal transport option. 

It’s worth mentioning that buses can be pretty exhausting and uncomfortable. Not all buses you board will have air conditioning, and it gets pretty hot in Cabo.


Taxis are the most popular mode of transport in Cabo San Lucas. They are available everywhere, and they can take you anywhere. A taxi can ferry you from the airport to your vacation rental. If you are lucky enough, you may get a taxi driver who can double as your tour guide. 

The biggest problem with taxis is that you can be easily overcharged, especially if you are unfamiliar with the local rates. 

You can always request an Uber if you don’t want to deal with independent taxi owners. However, a word of advice: Here in Mexico, the Taxi Unions aren’t fond of Uber. They have been trying to take it away from the resort city for years. So, it’s not a reliable transport option.

Car Rental

Immediately outside the airport, you can find a wide range of car rental companies. The cost of renting a car is around $100 per day. You will be asked to provide a copy of your driving license and identification documents. 

Renting a car is both convenient and hectic. For instance, with a car rental, you can drive wherever you want without using taxis or public transportation. 

However, here in Mexico, people like driving very fast. This can be a challenge for most tourists. And the local laws are slightly different. You must also buy a local insurance policy. Sometimes, renting a car can be stressful, and you are here to relax, right?


When you get to Cabo, you will notice that shuttles are also a popular means of transport amongst visitors. Shuttles are a safer option because you won’t be overcharged, and upon arrival, you will find someone waiting for you at the airport. 

Most shuttles are often shared. That is, you may find yourself being transported alongside other visitors. So, if you prefer privacy, this may not be the best option.


Exploring Cabo by foot is a brilliant idea because you get access to all the hidden gems. This option is, however, limited to close locations. For instance, if you have booked a vacation rental near a beach, you can go for an evening walk and indulge in water-related excursions. Alternatively, if you want to explore downtown Los Cabos, it’s a good idea to go on foot. 

As for attractions located further away, you will need a faster means of transport.

Bike Rental

If you are fit and don’t mind the extra cardio, renting a bike is a great way for you to check out what Cabo has to offer. It’s cheap, and there aren’t as many requirements as renting a car. 

You can’t travel very far by bike.

Water Taxis

Water taxis or boats are a fun way of moving around Cabo San Lucas. It can take you from one beach to another. Or you can visit attractions such as Land’s End. Water taxis can be boarded at the Marina, the Medano, and any other popular beach. 

It’s obvious that water taxis are only ideal for exploring the waters surrounding Cabo.

Private Transportation

The best transport option for tourists visiting Cabo San Lucas is private transportation. With this means of transport, you are guaranteed convenience, privacy, safety, and luxury. If you opt for private transportation, you can choose from a huge fleet of cars. If you are traveling as a family, you can choose a Mercedes sprinter van, a stretch limo, or an Escalade. 

Private transportation entails airport transfers to your vacation rental. As if that’s not enough, your same service provider can take you to various attraction sites, excursions, and even shopping. What we love about private transportation is that it’s safe. You will be assigned a multi-lingual chauffeur who doubles as your guide. 

If you prefer hassle-free movement within Cabo San Lucas, you should consider hiring private transportation.

What’s the Best Transport Option in Cabo?

Private transportation is the best option because apart from being luxurious, it’s safer and more convenient. When you book private transportation, you are guaranteed timely pickups and deliveries from the airport or whichever destination you plan to visit. You also get to choose from a vast fleet of cars. 

Is It Necessary for You to Organize Transportation in Cabo?

It is a must for you to plan how you are going to get around when visiting Cabo. Cabo San Lucas may seem small on the map, but it’s a big city. For instance, the distance from Los Cabos airport to Cabo San Lucas is more than 40 km. Therefore, you must organize how you will get from the airport to your vacation rental. 

Figuring out transportation is also essential in ensuring ease of movement from your vacation rental to nearby attraction sites.

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