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Cabo Private Tours

Undeniably, Cabo San Lucas is a paradise for adventure lovers. With miles of sea and land to explore, you should partake in as many excursions as possible whenever you are around. Rent Cabo San Lucas offers private tours of this beautiful resort city. We can show you all the hidden gems and attractions. With us, you get an opportunity to escape the crowd and admire all Cabo has to offer in a safe and comfortable environment. 

These private tours are made possible with Cabo’s never-ending sunshine. When you book a private tour with RCSL, you get access to a guide, transportation, and a wide range of amenities. Our private tours can be customized to meet the number of visitors and other personal requests. Our team will arrange pick-ups and drop-offs. You can also utilize private transportation and choose a luxurious car to facilitate movement within San Lucas. 

Why Should You Tour Cabo San Lucas?

If you have never been to this resort city, you may have second thoughts about these excursions. Even though spending time in our luxurious villas is fulfilling. Going for tours allows you to explore and engage in various adventures. Besides the breathtaking views you can see from your villa. There are plenty of natural beauty sites. 

RCSL is here to offer you an opportunity to explore and be adventurous without the crowds. Our private tours can take you much closer to Cabo’s marine life and the foothills located in the Sierra de la Laguna. With the assistance of our private guides, you can make memories in various popular destinations and take photos that will remind you of your San Lucas vacation.

RCSL Private Tours in Los Cabos

No matter what your preferences are, you are assured of finding an excursion that interests you. Considering that we offer customized tours, there is nothing that should stop you from exploring San Lucas. Below are some of our frequently-requested tours. 

Yacht Tours

For a city that has miles of sea, it doesn’t come as a surprise that yacht tours are a highly requested activity. It doesn’t matter whether you charter a yacht for an entire day or some hours. You are assured of an amazing experience. If you check our yacht charters page, you can choose from a wide range of boats depending on the number of people and amenities you are interested in. There are small boats and large cruise ships that have everything you may think of.

While touring on our private yachts, you can explore the hidden gems of the sea of Cortez. There is also the option to go on fishing expeditions where you can catch some fish and take them back to your villa for dinner. A yacht tour will take you all over the Los Cabos coastline. If you wish, you can watch the sun rise or set at sea in the company of your loved ones.

ATV Excursions

Are you an ATV lover? Well, you have come to the best destination in Mexico. ATV tours are very popular here in Los Cabos. RCSL offers you the thrill of riding in a rugged ATV. With the help of our guides, you can explore the white sandy beaches, desert ranges, and even part of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountain. 

We are keen on safety; therefore, the ATV comes with safety gear. We may also ask for driving licenses to confirm your ability to drive. Our guides are fluent in English, and they will translate everything for you. An ATV tour is perfect for adventure lovers, families, and friends. 

Horse/Camel Riding in the Beach/Desert

If an ATV tour sounds too thrilling, you can try something slower and calmer – a horse or a camel. Camel and horse riding is an ideal way for you to explore the Baja coastline or the sandy deserts. This isn’t only a fun activity, but on the back of a horse or camel, you get to explore the hidden gems of Los Cabos. If you have never ridden a horse or camel, our guides will help you out and even train you. 

Scuba Diving Tours

Being a city that borders the ocean, most tours will be water-related. If you have already planned for a yacht tour, it’s crucial that you also see what’s underneath the sea. A scuba diving tour lets you interact with marine life, sea caves, fish, and natural reefs. The waters bordering Los Cabos are very clear, and you will be in the company of a scuba diving guide. If you have never scuba-dived, you can get some training from the experts. 

Dolphin Swimming Excursions

Have you heard of the Cabo dolphin center? This is an educational facility that also lets visitors swim with the dolphins. If this is something that has been on your bucket list for a while, you can ask your butler to organize private transportation to the center. This dolphin swimming excursion is categorized into private and group tours. 

Desert Tour Plus Zip Line

Nothing beats the good old fashion zip line. If you have been zip lining back home, don’t skip out on this adventure. Zip lining in Los Cabos allows you to fly over the desert canopy at 60 mph. This is a thrilling adventure that’s worth experiencing over and over again. Your trip to the desert will also be quite interesting. Make sure that you request a stopover at the Fox canyon. 

Bungee Jumping

A trip to the canyon in Los Cabos will be an adventure. On the way, you will see plenty of stunning sceneries. When you do get to the bungee jumping site, that’s when the fun will begin. Bungee jumping is an experience like no other. The feeling of air hitting your face as you fall into the canyon is unexplainable. Regarding the zip line and bungee experiences, RCSL collaborates with service providers who adhere to stringent safety measures.

Whale Watching Tours

If you have never seen a whale at close range, that’s about to change during your next visit to San Lucas. RCSL also offers its visitors’ whale watching tours. We put you on a boat and take you to famous whale spotting sites. You can experience what it’s like to be close to this sea monster. Our whale-watching excursions are 100% safe. You don’t have to worry about anything other than having a good time. 


Similar to bungee jumping, skydiving is an adventure worth trying out. The trip to 10,000 ft in the air will be super fun. You may have second thoughts when the door of the plane is opened. But once you step out, the adrenaline mixed with the bird’s eye view of Los Cabos will create a remarkable experience. 

Kayaking and Snorkeling

A visit to Cabo will be incomplete if you don’t go on a kayaking tour. Kayaking is great if you go as a group. That way, you can hype each other up. As you Kayak into the waters of the Pacific Ocean, you can also snorkel and explore the marine life. A kayak tour usually lasts two to three hours. If you don’t plan to snorkel, you can go for a paddle boarding excursion. 

Experience Customized Tours in San Lucas

Cabo being the most touristy destination in Baja California, there are plenty of things to see and do. The ones we have listed above are the most frequently requested excursions. The team at RCSL can customize any of the above tours to meet your preferences. All year round, Cabo experiences great weather. Therefore, you can always explore what this part of Mexico offers at any time. 

Whether you are traveling as a group of employees, friends, or family, our Cabo private tours can be designed to meet your expectations. These tours can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 hours. You should know that some tours are kid-friendly. For instance, yacht tours have no age requirement. The likes of scuba diving aren’t recommended for kids. Tours are an excellent way for you to explore San Lucas. RCSL is here to help you tick items off your bucket list. Contact us today and make a reservation for a whale watching tour or an ATV excursion. 

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