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Massage and Spa Services Cabo

A trip to Cabo is an opportunity for you to experience a royal treatment. After spending an entire morning playing golf, on a yacht cruise, or an ATV excursion in the desert, some spa treatment is an excellent way for you to wrap up the day. The goal of Rent Cabo San Lucas is to ensure you have an unforgettable vacation. It’s why besides providing you with a luxury villa, we also offer massage and spa services. Our massage therapists are very gifted at what they do and possess calming energies, ensuring you are well relaxed. 

In-Villa Massage and Spa Services

Cabo is filled with plenty of fun adventures and activities. However, there is one thing you shouldn’t leave without experiencing: a massage. We have the best massage therapists in San Lucas available to offer in-villa spa services. Depending on where you feel the most comfortable, our massage therapists can set up a spa environment within the villa. 

Thanks to in-villa massage and spa services courtesy of RCSL, you won’t have to leave the villa. Everything will come to you. Our in-villa massage services are available at any time. All you need to do is let us know in advance so that we can make arrangements. You also have the freedom to choose the number of massage therapists required. Get in touch with our Cabo concierge team.

Do You Prefer a Cabo Spa Experience?

If you don’t mind stepping out of your villa, RCSL can book you in one of the best spas in San Lucas. For those of you who have an adventurous spirit, you will definitely want to have a feel of how the spas in Mexico are. Well, you are lucky because Cabo has tons of amazing spas that offer plenty of services. 

To help you avoid the hustle of looking for spas and reading endless reviews, we have recommended the best resorts in the city. We will also go the extra mile of booking appointments on your behalf. Since we also offer private transportation, we can organize how you can get to these spas and later be picked up by one of our chauffeurs. 

Some of the best spas in Cabo include the Zen Spa, Grand Velas, and Armonia, a European-style spa featured by Travel + Leisure. You can get massages for couples and individuals in these spas, facials, spa rituals, and manicures. 

Even though an in-villa massage and spa has many perks, visiting an actual spa allows you to explore different amenities such as steam rooms, Swiss showers and hot tubs that may not be available in your villa. These spas also will enable you to experience native skin treatments. 

Cabo Massage and Spa Packages

Not everyone is familiar with different types of massages and spa menus. It’s why we decided to come up with a menu of services that our guests frequently request. 

Signature Massages and Spa Treatments

The massage therapists working with RCSL have years of training and experience. As a result, they have been able to develop signature massages meant to meet the preferences of different people. You can request a signature massage if you want to ease tension or relax your mind and body. To connect with the healing powers of Baja California, our massage therapists can give you a Mexican ritual that also cleanses the body. 

Massage Therapies

These are the usual massage therapies offered in most spas. They range from four-hand massages to Thai massages. These are perfect for alleviating travel fatigue, work-related stress, or general body ache. Using the skills they have harnessed over the years, our massage therapists will leave you feeling lighter, relieved, and relaxed. 

Body Therapies

Whatever happens to your body affects the mind. Our Cabo massage and spa services can rejuvenate your body using modern and traditional wellness techniques. Most body therapies entail the use of aromatherapy. Feel free to ask for your favorite scent. Our massage therapists also incorporate the ancient practice of Ayurveda to soothe your mind. 

Facial Therapies

Your face is an essential part of your body. As you enjoy your holiday, it’s crucial that you receive facial therapy. RCSL has been working with an anti-aging expert who has helped many of our guests achieve vibrant and more youthful skin. This expert uses natural ingredients to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Most facial therapies last for an hour. 

Just for Couples

If you are coming to Cabo with your lover, this massage is highly recommended. Besides helping you relax, the just for couples massages provide you with an opportunity to reconnect on a spiritual level. Also, a massage date is very romantic. 

Fitness Programs

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should forget about keeping fit. We also offer fitness programs that come with an instructor. These light workouts are designed to help you feel better and give you the strength to engage in the most physical adventures. They also ensure that you are healthy. 

Book Your Private Spa Services With RCSL

Massage and spa treatments are one of our most frequently requested services. Considering that we also offer in-villa massage and spa services, there is no reason why you should miss out on an opportunity to immerse yourself in a relaxing state. 

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